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Client: National Supermarket Chain
Location: Nationally
Market: Commercial
Capabilities: Electrical and Instrumentation Construction

Scope of Work:

S.J. Electric was tasked with the installation of an energy sub-metering system across 850 of our clients stores, nationally. The system needed to integrate with the clients existing Energy Management Centre (EMC), monitoring energy consumption data on their refrigeration, air-conditioning, and lighting so that they could remotely track energy consumption and take-action in real-time.

S.J. Electric managed the entire project which encompassed sourcing the sub-metering system, developing the roll-out program and then implementing installation with minimal disruption to store trading. This included:

  • Manufacture of 850 enclosures to house the sub-meter components and clients gateway equipment
  • Installation of all field sub-metering hardware including current transformers, meters, interconnecting cabling and communication devices
  • Configuration of the various equipment and ensuring validation of the collected data
  • Establishing a connection to the clients network
  • Supply of a QA and document submission to the clients’ stringent standards