S.J. Electric has been operating for over 50 years and has a proven track record in delivering water and wastewater projects and products to both urban and remote regions.


We have a solid core of experienced personnel to deliver a wide variety of future water and wastewater projects and offer clients expensive breadth and depth of specialist experience in the water sector. From site audits, retrofits and upgrades and greenfield sites, S.J. Electric has assisted many water and wastewater companies and councils to meet their needs.

S.J. Electric has proven experience in the supply and installation of pumping and associated mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment used in clear water and effluent pumping stations, water quality control and treatment plants.

We have an experienced engineering team that consists of design and control systems engineers with a range of experience levels, from undergraduate to principal. Our engineers have qualifications recognized by a number of professional engineering bodies, including Engineers Australia (CPEng) and Board of Professional Engineers QLD (RPEQ). Our extensive range of experience and qualifications enables the design and certification of electrical, instrumentation and controls (EI&C) projects. 

Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls (EI&C) design

  • Complete Safety in Design risk assessment and reports for EI&C scope in consultation with principal contractors and end users
  • Complete design workshops including safety in Design, HAZOP and CHAZOP workshops
  • Complete site audits and investigation for existing sites
  • Complete power systems design and analysis including load flow, voltage drop, fault current and arc flash analysis
  • Complete harmonic and power factor analysis to ensure power quality is compliant with utility and end user specifications
  • Complete EI&C design against the requirements of standards, regulations and end user specifications including, maximum demand calculations, cable sizing & reticulation and protection coordination
  • Complete lighting design including lux plot details and layout drawings
  • Select equipment and instrument and assess for compliance against proposed installation location and conditions
  • Develop EI&C design drawings including single line diagrams, motor control schematics, instrument loop diagrams
  • Develop EI&C schedules as input to construction including, cable schedules, equipment schedules and instrument schedules
  • Develop detailed control functional specification and process philosophy in accordance with end user requirements
  • Develop control systems schedules including IO schedules, memory mapping schedules and IP address schedules
  • Develop network architecture and termination drawings detailing complete project networks
  • Turnkey design and drafting capabilities, electrical including power system studies and control systems. All RPEQ certified.
  • Switchboard design and manufacture capabilities (including change overs and isolation).
  • On site management, installation and commissioning including a strong long standing connection with key civil contractors.
  • Supply authority management and coordination

Automation Systems Programming (PLC and SCADA)

  • Develop PLC & RTU hardware configuration
  • Complete SCADA/DCS programming
  • Configure communications and radio networks to enable full operations of PLC, RTU, SCADA and other programmable equipment
  • Complete programming of motor starters including protection relays, soft starters, and variable speed drives
  • Configure instrumentation in consultation with process/mechanical engineers
  • Reverse engineer existing PLC, RTU and SCADA programming to enable integration of new equipment and processes
  • Develop Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) plans
  • Complete FAT and SAT in conjunction with end users and principal contractors requirements
  • Coordinate control systems SAT activities on-site with commissioning team
  • Conform with all end user control system change management procedures.
  • Compile comprehensive PLC, RTU and SCADA operations and maintenance manuals
  • Conduct training on the operational requirements of the control systems for end users on-site personnel